Zombies at Mithibai’s Kshitij Festival

Team Rise of the Zombie invaded the effervescent Mithibai College while they heralded the beginning of their festival, Kshitij. The movies prime stars Luke, Kirti and Ashwin were also joined by Suraj Jagan, Aditi Singh Sharma and Caralisa Monterio, the musicians of the movie.

What a fun filled event it was. Did we mention, we even saw Shreyas Talpade there.

Then there were the zombians setting the Mithibai stage on faiyyar !

Caralisa Montero, Devaki Singh, Kirti Kulhari, Ashvin Mushran, Aditi Singh Sharma, Suraj Jaggan and Luke Kenny

And backstage, this is Aditi Singh Sharma and Suraj Jagan

Aditi Singh Sharma and Suraj Jaggan

Look out for videos of this event on our youtube channel .

The teaser is out too. Watch it.

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