Close To Death….Not Really But Scary !

On the 14th of February, 2011, I was not out on a date just like the previous 8 years (Knowing at that age one can tell if they are on a date) But, that day, that year, I was out trekking with 4 other guy friends. Okay don’t #ForeverAlone me.

Naneghat was the place. You can google to know more about it. Our journey from Mumbai started off at 4 am. After some 2-3 train rides and a rickety bus ride we reached the base of the hill (don’t know its name) at 9 am. 

Under an unrelentless sun, we decided to take the unconventional route rather than the beaten down ‘easy’ track everyone else does. So did we reach our destination? No we did not. Uptil 2 pm we tried but the only way we could figure out was the way back. But something went wrong.

After having our last morsel of food and last sip of water by 2.15 pm, we were practically at the mercy of whatever energy our body could generate however it needed it. To make matters all the more worse, we lost our way.

At about 4.45 pm, we considered calling for help, the police. But our phone networks went kaput. We screamed. Nobody in sight. Our only motivation was to head in one direction and bump into any sign of civilization. Which we did.

A dog. The moment we looked at the dog, we realized there will be some person or the other nearby. We followed the dog. And to our over joyous belief, we reached the hut, the same one we crossed earlier at the start. Running to its hand pump, we washed ourselves of the panic. The family inside warm heartedly welcomed us and offered gallons of water to quench our parched throats. Ever so grateful we are to them.

Finally, we reached the main road by 5.30, by 6.00 pm we were on a rickety bus coming back. I reached home 11 pm that day. What a day !!

The image below is from the same trekking place but this time we reached the top after our second attempt 7 months later.



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