Bombay, The Day I Saw More

Chor bazaar, Nal bazaar and Bhindi bazaar, they all sound like they are named after the item they specifically sell. At nal, you get taps, at bhindi, you get bhindi and at chor, you get thieves. All on sasta prices. But not quite. 

One day, 2 years ago, I was wandering with a dude and another dudette at chor bazaar. One of them with a firmly tightened hold over his desire to make a movie was out shopping for accessories possibly required for his film there. The other two, one of whom was me, accompained him. We started off early morning, walking through the bylanes outside Lower Parel station also doing what filmwallahs call ‘Location Hunting’. Next we went to the bylanes of VT, then the bylanes of Charni road and then that of Metro to finally head to Chor bazaar.  

Its hard to recall the names of the places we saw but it was an eye-opener to have walked through those roads and seen the establishments never seen before.

My friend’s movie was never made. Its been 2 years since that day and I remember it for the expereince of Bombay I received despite living here all my life. 



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